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It's good. I spent around 2 years using Captivate as my only tool for eLearning development. I now use Articulate Storyline as my main tool, but have dipped back in to Captivate for features such as the screen recording Pros:

Adobe Captivate Unlock the future of smart eLearning design. PN: AD01A Part Number: 1E Adobe Captivate is an authoring tool that is used for creating eLearning content such as Captivate 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x and 5.x project files, which can be edited with the Captivate software. Note that Comparison of screencasting software. Adobe Captivate 8 Student and Teacher Edition PC [Download] Instructions are very clear, presented in small chunks, and easy to follow; good graphics.

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Industry Articulate Storyline 2 vs Adobe Captivate 9 Installed authoring tools are desktop applications that are used to create and manage content for eLearning courses. May 25, Alastair Simpson What are installed authoring tools? Installed authoring tools are desktop applications that are used to create and manage content for eLearning courses. These tools are used by learning developers, businesses and tech-savvy teachers to create engaging online Lesson or Course content. Articulate Storyline 2 Articulate is a company specialising in eLearning software, with an impressive list of clients that includes Google and Microsoft.

Not for Mac A word of warning before you read on — Storyline 2 is Windows only, meaning that Mac users are out of luck. It is possible to run Storyline 2 on a Mac using virtual Windows software if you really need to, but this is both time and cost consuming, and can also hamper performance. Main Features Storyline 2 has a vast array of variables, triggers, sliders and timelines, as well as the ability to import existing PowerPoint presentations.

It also has adjustable illustrated characters as well as photographic characters, and the option to implement both free-form and drag-n-drop questions. This gives Storyline 2 users a great deal of depth and customisation in their content creation. Storyline 2 also has a free mobile app for viewing content on iOS and Android devices, including an offline capability — however, the content itself does not adapt to mobile devices, but is simply scaled down to fit the screen on which it is being viewed.

This means that some projects can look cluttered and complex on a small screen, and you may even have to design slides twice — once for use on computers, and the other for use on smaller devices. Ease of use Storyline 2 is considered the easier of the two authoring tools to use for two reasons: It also lacks a few features — namely, there is no scope for video publishing or video narration.

As mentioned, Storyline 2 does not adapt content for mobile devices but simply scales projects down to fit on smaller screens. Storyline 2 can publish to Flash, but this requires a separate app install. Instead, a project must be published before it can be shared with others. This makes authoring with multiple people frustrating and time consuming. Like Storyline 2, Captivate 9 provides dynamic PowerPoint importing options, and is also compatible with the entire Adobe Creative suite.

Main features Captivate 9 has a variety of exclusive features, including geo-location services — allowing for the creation of location- and device-specific learning experiences — gesture support, text-to-speech options and auto-text captions.

Text-to-speech and auto-text are important for the development of content for those with accessibility requirements. Other key features include: This gives Captivate users huge scope for creation. Content creation can be tricky and frustrating, with many tools hidden or hard to find.

Even once a level of proficiency is achieved, Storyline 2 is still a better tool for creating content quickly not necessarily to a higher standard. The Adobe community provides videos and feedback for learners, but the company itself provides quite little in the way of support. Familiar with Adobe? A student or teacher? Do you own a PC, have high-level experience in eLearning development, and are looking to further your knowledge with the help of a strong support community?

What if you fit neither of these categories? If you lack experience in eLearning development, you may want to stay away from installed authoring tools altogether. Other options include web-based eLearning content creators. These tools are used online rather than installed on the desktop, and provide a much faster, simpler way to create content. Layouts and themes are simple, interfaces are intuitive, and tutorials are provided, whilst customisation options are still retained.

Experienced eLearning developers and development houses prefer the high-powered installed desktop suites like Storyline 2 and Captivate 9, but web-based tools like Coassemble are a solid, simple alternative for those lacking experience. The details in this article were accurate at the time of writing. Buyers are encouraged to seek the most up to date information when making a purchase choice.

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Captivate vs. Storyline: The Epic Authoring Tool Showdown

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