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As Adobe continues to refocus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. On March 26, we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse. AARON. LAWRENCE. Adobe Muse. Tutorials. This release encompasses the following: Copy style attributes between elements. With Adobe Muse CC , you can copy right-click and copy the style attributes of one element and then simply right-click another element and select Paste Attributes.

This release contains fixes for the following issues: Resize it smaller and try again. Build fully responsive sites without having to think like a developer. You can continue to work the way you always have, by adding responsive functionality to your site whenever you want. Existing sites made with earlier versions of Muse will remain unchanged unless you decide to modify them.

Creative Cloud Libraries Seamlessly browse and reuse creative assets like colors and graphics from Adobe desktop and mobile tools with the Creative Cloud Libraries panel. Libraries sync to Creative Cloud and can be shared so you and your team always have the files you need, when you need them. You can find, license and manage royalty-free images and vector graphics as you design and build sites. Select from 45 million assets, save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then drag it into your website to use.

State Transitions Animate the transition of an image or other element from one state to another by setting the Fade options in the States panel. Users can set separate Delay, Duration and Timing Functions for each state and each element. CSS Text Shadows Shadows applied to text frames without any fill and border now cause the shadow to be applied to the text, regardless of the font used.

In previous versions of Muse, text shadows could only be applied to text frames containing a system font and resulted in the text being exported as an image. As a result, SVGs can now be added to slideshows.

We've also made improvements to render SVGs more quickly in Design view. Rotation Detection in Images Images that have rotation information embedded in them such as those taken with a mobile device will now be rotated properly when placed.

Both resources are still available and have been updated to help you get started with responsive design quickly and easily. Starter Designs, including updates for responsive design, are available here: Disabling inadvertently enabled properties within the welcome dialog starter designs.

July 21, This release contains fixes for the following issues: During export, Muse inadvertently attempts to optimize a placed SWF and crashes.

Muse closes unexpectedly when attempting to embed a Tumblr blog into a Muse site. Inline text frames that are positioned outside of their parent text frame are positioned incorrectly after export. Assert "Error: Libraries repeatedly re-converted if Muse is not quit normally after Library conversion.

Crash opening sites which use Typekit web fonts after the font has been updated by Typekit with a new font family name. Vimeo widget nested inside of a Lightbox Composition continues to play after the user changes composition slides or closes the lightbox. Crash when adding an item to a button widget, waiting several seconds, then undo.

An HTML object on a master page results in all pages that use that master being unnecessarily exported in many cases. June 15, This better communicates that each entry is a list of fonts e. The list of fallback fonts is presented directly in the font list rather than hidden in a tool-tip Web Font Characters Two predefined character set options may be chosen for web fonts served to the browser. The options are: Default subset: This is the initial setting for most new sites.

All characters in the font: This is the initial setting for all existing sites, and well as new sites created in certain locales Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.

Inherit from master page or site. Radio Button Groups: To add a radio button to an already added Radio Button Group, select the added group. Checkbox Groups: To add a checkbox to the newly added Checkbox Group, select the added group. Emails from form submissions with Checkbox Groups include a comma-delimited list of labels from the selected checkboxes in each group.

Email field no longer required: The email field is no longer required in a form and can be removed. Double-click the name of an object in the Layers panel to enter name-editing mode. Names are limited to characters. Naming of item when importing. PSD files with layers: When you import a. PSD file with layers and choose to import one or more layers instead of the composite image , the Layers panel will indicate the corresponding.

PSD layer name s. The initial name for the item will match the Assets panel name. PSD Background ". Expanding the Image Frame to show the Image will indicate just the layer name.

Like all items in the Layers panel, the name can still be customized. Ability to drag on the eye or lock icons to set multiple rows at once: The first icon you click determines the on or off action while the mouse is down e. While the mouse is down, drag through adjacent rows to set their state. Option-click alt-click on Windows on the expansion triangle in a Layers panel row to show the entire hierarchy.

Repeating will collapse the entire hierarchy. Lightbox Improvements Slideshows and Composition widgets now have a new Auto Lightbox feature that automatically displays the Lightbox when the page loads instead of when clicking on a trigger. Warnings are generated if multiple Auto Lightboxes are placed on the same page. General Enhancements The Effects panel is now available as a separate free-floating palette when selected from the Window menu. April 1, Copying multiple text frames, which have been tagged using different collections via the Content panel, and pasting to a new project results in a crash with the alert, "Assert: Don't know how to generate rendered data for type: March 4, Relinking or updating Assets that include an image used as both a browser background fill image and the background fill image for other objects would cause subsequent Save or Save As attempts to report a variety of different errors i.

While opening a Muse project file, some users were seeing a warning about images being up sampled yet the images in the Assets panel failed to identify which images were being up sampled. Crash if a page contains multiple copies of the same SVG graphic used as a background fill. Hang while publishing or exporting if there are Upload Assets with 3 character filenames with no file extension. Bevel and Inner Glow effects applied to items on master pages only draw on the first page for which the master page is applied when previewed, exported, uploaded or published.

A document corruption problem that could occur if a crash occurred during Save As. Preferences folders were sometimes created with incorrect permissions resulting in a failure during launch. Some preferences from older installations of Muse failed to copy to Muse This update will correctly update preferences if Adobe Muse CC Otherwise, users must first delete the preference folders associated with Adobe Muse CC

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