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Before making my purchase, I visited the Adobe website to review the features of Premiere Elements, to see if it had added features that would be useful to me. On the Adobe website page that provides product comparisons, Premiere Elements is listed jointly in the same column with Elements /5(14). Links to download Adobe Premiere Elements and Premiere Elements. Learn & Support User Guide Tutorials Free Trial Buy Now Download Adobe Premiere Elements | , Search. Premiere Elements User Guide Select an article: Select an article: On this page. Read before you download. Shop for adobe premiere elements at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up.

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Easily to start; Intuitive interface; Reasonable price Many editing tools; Update regularly; Industry video editing level Cons Limited functions; Need to pay for version upgrade Price is expense; Steep learning curve; Subscription; High requirement of system 1.

Price The fee you have to pay for using Adobe's editing suite can be a determining factor that helps you to reach the decision whether to purchase the Premiere Elements software or Premiere Pro CC. You'll also need a sound card compatible with Microsoft Windows Driver Model for PC or a sound card compatible with Apple Core Audio if you'd like to use this editing software on a Mac. Click here to check a full system requirement. The minimum screen resolution required for Premiere Elements to run properly is x, which is slightly lower than the minimal screen resolution, X, demanded by the Pro CC.

Layout and Usability With each new update in the last 28 years Adobe has improved Premiere editing software. As a result of an effort that took more than two and a half decades, Premiere Pro CC has an easy to use interface. Both Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Elements editing software enable you to use as many audio and video tracks as your project may require, although adding tracks to the timeline in Premiere Elements is only possible from the Expert mode.

Accessing visual effects and editing tools is as simple as it can be since each software has neatly organized toolbars and menus. Mac users may find Premiere Pro CC's layout a bit out of touch with Mac's usual look and feel, but this doesn't diminish the software's high level of functionality. Premiere Elements can be viewed in Guided, Quick and Expert modes, which is a great advantage for users how are just learning how to edit or need to complete their editing tasks as fast as they can.

Learning how to use Premiere Elements may take some time, but the software itself makes this process as easy and as fast as it can possibly be. Features and Capability When it comes to features and the overall capability of the software Premiere Pro clearly has the upper hand, since it supports a larger number of video formats and it enables users to import footage from literally any device that can capture any kind of footage.

Adding sound effects, visual effects or creating titles in Premiere Pro CC is perhaps the most professional way in which you can approach these tasks, although you may also need a professional level of video editing knowledge to properly apply effects or create titles.

The 'Haze Removal' feature can be used to remove fog or smog from the videos and increase the levels of sharpness as well as the vibrancy of the colors. Part 2: Which version should I use? Although you can hardly make a mistake by choosing any of these two video editing programs, you should make your choice in accordance with your needs and the level of experience.

You should try Adobe Premiere Elements when: If video editing seems attractive to you, but you still don't have the necessary skill and knowledge to use the professional editing software, then Adobe Premiere Elements is the best choice you can make. The Guided Mode will help you learn how to combine video clips, trim them or apply visual and audio effects. This video editing software is also a great choice for all users who simply need to produce videos on a consumer level.

The Premiere Elements enables you to work with a number of different video file formats and you can easily upload your videos to social networks or video sharing sites directly from the software.

Working with footage captured with professional video cameras may require a video editing software that is compatible with the video file formats produced by high-end cameras. Adobe Premiere Pro CC supports almost all , if not all video file formats, which is a strong reason to use this software during the editing process.

Furthermore, if you plan on distributing your films and videos to film festivals, TV stations or cinemas Adobe Premiere Pro is the right editing software for you.

The software may require extensive knowledge of video editing, but experienced video editors will certainly enjoy using this powerful editing software that can easily create breathtaking visual content of the highest standard. Part 3: The Difference Between Adobe Premiere Elements VS Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Elements is a beginner level video editor that users can make videos quickly with limited functionalities, while Adobe Premiere Pro offers more editing tools that you can make powerful videos if you are an advanced video editor.

Premiere Pro has been in video editing market more than decades, so it is not necessary to worry about its technology, functions and standard. If you work in media industry like film making, Premiere Pro is an options for you. However, its learning curve is steep. You need a tutor or to go to learning center to learn the skills.

Besides, the system requirements for Premiere Pro is really high. You should look for other professional video editor if you run a low system device. Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editor for beginner. In some way, it is just a toy to make simple videos. It is not recommended to make professional video, but the costing is so much lower than Premiere Pro.

However, if you upgrade to a new version, you also need to buy a new license. Conclusion Choosing the right video editing software can be a tantalizing task because no one knows your needs better than you. However, if you are looking for an affordable software that can perform all the consumer level editing tasks Adobe Premiere Elements is the right choice because if you opt for a more professional option you will end up with a pricey editing software whose best features you don't really use.

Professional video editors in need of a reliable software that can perform the most demanding tasks shouldn't hesitate to purchase the Adobe Premiere Pro CC because it is worth every cent they will invest.

If still don't know which one to choose, why not choose Wondershare FilmoraPro? It is a professional video editing software that can power up your story. It is easy to use compared with Premiere. Auto color correction and automatic audio sync can help you save a lot of time. It is designed for pros or semi-pros. Liza Brown Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.

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