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Alien Skin Snap Art 3: You can also check and uncheck the Stack command, depending on how you want to see the image in the Library—choose Stack and you can easily unstack the image later, or just have it sit side by side in the normal Library unstacked view. While getting quick effects through the numerous presets, including oil, pastel, cartoon, line drawing pencil , impasto, watercolor, and more is fun and easy, the options available are what allow you to personalize each image. There are numerous sliders and tabs for color controls, detail masking effects, brush stroke and width, and more.

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Alien Skin Software Ships Snap Art 3 Artistic Natural Media Plug-In for Photoshop

I fear I may have forgotten how it is done! Shabria, at Alien Skin , asked Julie if she would be interested in reviewing Snap Art 3 — their latest version of the Photoshop plugin that converts photographs into drawings and paintings. Snap art 3 quickly turns photos into paintings and features new intelligent stroke placement creates clean edges and natural stroke patterns. You make the creative choices while Snap Art takes care of all the tedious work of drawing brush strokes. Snap Art can render hundreds of styles and media, such as oil paint, watercolor, pencil sketch, and newly added ones like crayon. Sounds pretty impressive, eh?


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