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Feb 18,  · Montage avec les effets 2D/3D. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Oct 17,  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection v [Old Version] at oovgaw.me Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(22). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pinnacle Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate Collection Version 15 at oovgaw.me Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5.

View the sample video here. Pinnacle offers three versions of its Studio 14 product: The full-boxed version of Ultimate Collection includes a Chroma-key green screen.

Low price pinnacle studio 15 hd ultimate collection cost

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Perspective on this Review Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software package that runs in Windows. In or thereabouts, Avid, primarily a maker of high-end video software and hardware, bought up Pinnacle Systems, and created Avid Studio as a prosumer product -- incorporating many of the features of Pinnacle Studio software.

Avid more recently sold the product to Corel, which did some additional work on it and renamed it Pinnacle Studio I'm using the version with the most bells and whistles: Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate. Less-expensive Pinnacle products work essentially the same but are missing some features -- mostly, add-on effects; the least expensive does not support keyframing, so you can only have static effects such as pans and zooms. You may compare the newest versions of the newest release, Pinnacle Studio v.

There's a big difference, both in performance and in the user interface, between releases up through v. Still, many commands are the same. This makes transition to the newer version easier. I found Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 15 and earlier versions to have the features I needed for my purposes. However, these versions are rather slow, even on my Intel i5 computer, very crash-prone and allow only 3 video tracks. One of version 15's best features, I would rather not need: Pinnacle Studio 16 has the same feature but needs it less often.

I have lost work when Pinnacle Studio 16 crashed while I was in import mode. I had not saved the file previously. So, save frequently! It is easy to dislike a new application which manages tasks in an unfamiliar way.

It is also easy to notice features that are missing, or more difficult in the new application, so, even while the new version may work much better all in all, it may seem worse at first. I have come to like and appreciate many things about it, but I am still having growing pains. I think that is a good perspective from which to write. I still need to look things up in the Help and the Manual, and so I am in a good position to comment on their quality.

Much of this review will be about them. There's a lot more information, by the way, at http: The link is to Amazon. Things I Like Let me discuss some things I like first. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16 is much faster than any version up through Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16 offers an unlimited number of tracks lesser versions, fewer , and makes good use of bit processing -- also, it takes advantage of an Nvidia graphics card's CUDA processing power -- though this advantage is not available with other brands of cards.

Still, scrolling in the timeline, rendering, and other processor-intensive tasks run much, much faster and more smoothly than in version Version 16 is much less crash-prone than version 15, and more versatile. Version 16 supports more output formats. It easily converts among image sizes and even between video frame rates -- example: It went off without a hitch -- though motion is a bit jerky.

For a smooth conversion, I use Gooder Video MotionPerfect , which is slow, but does amazing time interpolation. The upgrade from version 15 is inexpensive; version 16 can read files created in earlier versions, a major advantage when upgrading. You must select "import previous Pinnacle Studio projects" rather than attempting simply to open them.

All versions can render video during editing of a project, so composited segments picture in picture, pan and zoom, transitions, etc. The Ultimate version of v. There are very good piano, electric guitar, Hammond organ, pizzicato string and drum kit sounds.

Wind and bowed string instruments don't sound as realistic -- so, all in all, if you choose a selection which uses rock band instrumentation, it will sound realistic. The music is automatically edited to fit the length of time you select for it. Rendering of music selections to fit different lengths can be painfully slow in version 15; it is much faster in Avid Studio and version Additional selections may be purchased.

The Library feature in Pinnacle version 16 makes it easier to access resources stored on the computer, so you don't have to make your way among irrelevant files and folders in the computer's directory structure. The ability to apply effects to clips in the Library avoids having to do it over and over again in each new project. You must import files into a Library in order for them to be usable in Pinnacle Studio Having done this, you can then create "collections" which can span across different folders and storage media.

This feature which lets you quickly access all the media which you are using in a project. The Library is dependent on the actual file locations on the computer. If you move them, it will lose them, though you can relink to them in their new locations. About preserving the Library when reinstalling Pinnacle, or Windows, or moving the installation to another computer, see further information under "Storage Locations" below.

Version 16 has a useful "navigator", a miniaturized version of the timeline, which can be added above the timeline. The "navigator" indicates the position of the playback head and the part of the timeline which is visible onscreen. That onscreen segment can be broadened, narrowed and moved by clicking and dragging in the "navigator" or by grabbling the ends of the timeline This is a real improvement over the Windows scroll bar in version 15, and eliminates the need to collapse the timeline to get the big picture of the project.

Version 15 does not allow clips to be inserted after empty time at the end of the last clip in a project, so it is necessary to extend the last clip or insert a dummy clip. Similarly, version 15 does not allow the first clip to be dragged away from the start. In version 16, it is even possible to drag the start of the first clip to the left, off the timeline, to extend it, effectively moving all others later in time. This feature makes it easier, for example, to insert a title at the beginning of a project.

However, not all is a bed of roses. I had some serious issues with Avid Studio. Some have been fixed, though many remain in Pinnacle Studio 16, and a few new ones have cropped up. Installation issues Some of the following comments are as of May , and changes may have occurred since then. Registering Pinnacle Studio 16 is can be confusing. Access to support registration is only by clicking on the "to submit a technical question" line in the registration e-mail.

Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16 claim to need a screen at least x but it will run on a smaller screen. My primary work screen is x and I have a second, viewing screen which is x Video playback can be moved to the second screen. Turning the primary monitor to portrait orientation can make it display the work screen better, especially when looking through a Library.

When you have used an optional effects plugin such as Red Giant in a project, be sure to install the plugin if you are reinstalling Pinnacle or installing it on a different system. If you don't, the effects will not work and other things as well can go wrong.

When setting up Pinnacle Studio 16, you need to be careful how you import files. Following installation, Pinnacle 16 may copy all of your video files onto your computer's C: That will take a very long time and can overflow the drive if you have much video.

Be sure to select "link" instead unless you are importing from external media -- tape, memory chip, DVD. Then you will usually want to copy the content onto a hard drive. If the data is already stored on a hard drive on your computer, you usually will not want to copy it. An exception would be to copy from an external hard drive which you use only for archiving. Be careful not so have "delete original file" selected, if you only want to copy a file or link to it. It is better not to keep large video files on your boot drive.

Use another hard drive for that data. I changed "copy" to "link" in the Import dialog box, and directed the Library function to access the folders where I keep files for my first project. I had to install activation keys to view and use files encoded with h. These files all appeared with a lock icon and a play arrow, and I didn't see how to get the key to unlock the files until I clicked on the icon to play one of the the files which wouldn't play. I was then informed that I had to purchase a key, but the key installed for free.

If a key is free, what is the point? Maybe it's to assure that they are being unlocked only by people who have purchased the software legally and registered it? Installation of activation keys is accessed in the Help menu rather than the Control Panel. This is not exactly an example of the best user interface management, but oh well, OK, it worked. Now, more about that user interface Help, Manual, User interface Pinnacle Studio 16 manual and help are clearly written for what they do cover, but it's often hard to find what you need in them, due to commands which are accessed with wordless icons, and the lack of synonyms in the manual and help index.

To understand Pinnacle Studio 16, you will have to review the tutorials online, or Jeff Naylor's book -- or else you will become frustrated hunting around to find functions. The manual and the help don't provide an easy way into many important topics. I'll grant that the user interface is better than that of Final Cut Pro 7 on the Mac, which can best be described as a quagmire.

Help index entries for several common words describing each function would be nice, but why should I have to look up common functions in the Help at all? Menus or labeled buttons would give me words that are either self-evident, or that I could look up in the Help or the manual.

Sometimes the Help will describe a function but not how to access it. No info on that. Icons, and functions accessed only by clicking here or there onscreen, can require hunting expeditions if you don't also have a way to access the same function through a menu.

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